I ran across this article from Shel Holtz’s blog:


It’s not surprising that businesses and firms have caught onto the significance of social media as a marketing tool. This article specifically addressed statistics and figures of how exactly social media is being used in successful business plans.

While 39 percent of companies didn’t find social media tools useful, the rest of them did. It makes sense to have a Facebook page and such, but I found it a little bit surprising how popular corporate blogs are becoming. It totally makes sense though. Companies want you to trust them. They want to develop a rapport with you and make sure they are more like a friend than a greasy salesman. What better way to do so then with a witty, intelligent employee blogging for the company? It adds a human element and emphasizes relationships. Maybe businessmen are learning something from all those PR folks after all.

In addition, I thought it was interesting that less than 10 percent of the companies surveyed had specific staff or team members for social media. Most of the companies just tacked social media responsibilities on to their current employees. This is definitely something I see changing in the next few years though. (And handling social media and blogging for a business sounds like a sweet gig. Seriously. Sign me up for that).