A social media news release is a news release that is submitted specifically for use in an online community. SMNRs contain multimedia such as photos and videos, as well as social commenting capabilities, “scannability” and “shareability.”

A SMNR is really helpful in spreading the word about your company via the Internet. It provides the necessary details without being wordy or promotional. SMNRs can be shared across social media and often contain quotes and headlines that can easily be tweeted or shared on Facebook.

However, a SMNR might not be as successful in selling your company due to the constraints of bullet-point information. The information has to be convincing enough to intrigue a potential client, yet brief enough to hold his attention.


Here are links that include templates and step-by-step guides to creating a SMNR:




Here are two recent SMNRs:




A few tips to writing your own:

1. Boil down the most important point of your news release into 1-3 concise, elegant sentences.

2. Spend time thinking up a catchy, descriptive headline.

3. Include relevant, explanatory videos, photos and graphics to intrigue the client and sell your brand.

4. Include links, but not too many. You want to educate the client without distracting him, or worse, directing him away from you.

5. Include plenty of sharing options and pose a question or call to action to get people involved and talking.